Acampora - Collection 54

The Acampora house was founded in 1974, born from the creative personality of its founder, Bruno Acampora, heir to an important family of Neapolitan glove makers and one of the protagonists of high fashion in Italy. As a lover of perfume, he started producing fragrances for himself and a few friends. Their success led him to start offering them for sale in his boutiques, including “Sagan” in Capri. Acampora’s MUSC becomes an instant success and the first example of niche artistic perfumery in Italy, reaching cult status and remaining an unstoppable commercial success until today.

Since 1974 the Acampora Musc was available only in its Pure Essence form. A precious potion in concentrated form, highly potent and seductive. Since the 2010’s Acampora fragrances are available in Extrait de Parfum and Eau de Parfum, expanding the line and enhancing the experince. Pure Essence: 100% perfume oil / alcohol free. Extrait de Parfum: perfume oil in alcohol, up to 33%. Eau Parfum: Perfume oil in alcohol, up to 25%.

For the first time in its history, Acampora Profumi opens the doors of the laboratory to an independent perfumer and fragrance creator but also friend, Miguel Matos, to launch two brand new collections.

Acampora 54 gets its mood from the famous ballroom Studio 54, beating heart of New York nightlife during the 70s. The place and the moment to be and live the magic while remembering a liberating 68 and setting that creative excitement that will explode during the unforgettable 80s.

A collection that challenges the brand communication rules with elegant yet provocative style. Everybody should feel free to show its own personality, this is the campaign concept that is openly gender fluid and free from narrow-minded point of view. Marking the breaking point, Acampora 54 is here to twist the present with Robin, Young Hearts, Freak Chic, Relight My Fire, Read My Mind e Keep On Dancing.

In 2020 one of the most recent creations, Young Hearts, received the prestigious Art and Olfaction Award in the Best Perfume in the Independent Category. A fragrance that combines contemporary freshness on a clasic and timeliss concept.

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