Conceived in Rome and born on the streets of cosmopolitan New York, Coreterno is the lifestyle brand led by visionary creative director Michelangelo Brancato and stylist Francilla Ronchi. Coreterno, which translated from Italian means “eternal heart“, is inspired by a wonderfully mysterious world of rebellious poets and artisan printmakers who went down in history long ago. Each creation combines motivational quotes with graphic images that evoke powerful emotions, and projects them onto a candle or a perfume.

Coreterno‘s collections include archetypal Rock and Pop symbols, 19th century portraits and illustrations, and ancient books of science and art prints; all reinterpreted in a contemporary way that gives rise to modern vintage fetishes. Through Coreterno‘s collections, language becomes the way to express the constant search for people’s happiness, and the words and symbols represented in each design open the doors to a magical and powerful universe.

Be inspired by a Visionary Candle, relax with one of the Aphrodite Scented Candles and wander through the fascinating world of Eau de Parfum: you will feel the spark of galvanisation as you explore the mystical paths of Coreterno.Coreterno - Why choose usThe visionary candles represent protection and the triumph of light over darkness, and contain messages of power to heal the heart and soul. The Aphrodite Gold Label Candle Collection is dedicated to the powerful, immortal and revolutionary energy of love.

The Eau de Parfum by Coreterno is inspired by the universe of rock and roll, pop and underground of the 70s, along with the passion for the masterpieces of classical art fallen into oblivion, recovered and projected into a future that has a rebellious soul, imbued with hope and positivity. Each fragrance has a mystical, insoluble and enveloping power that will awaken the rock star in you.

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