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The alchemy of timeless scents in modern composition.

Der Duft was founded by Anselm Skogstad. Each scent is a narrative, sometimes created in cooperation with exceptional perfumers he deeply admires. These great perfumers are: Alexandre Illan, Anselm skogstad, Miguel Matos and Prin Lomros.

Anselm Skogstad: “I wanted to create a perfume house with a brand name that conveys a simple message and intention to anyone interested in scents. I wanted there to be no need for further explanations or complex stories. Calling my brand “Der Duft” (The Scent) is to the point. The intention is that each perfume, each scent will create their own story and association for the person wearing it. It all begins with a good sniff while understanding the name of the particular perfume!”

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