Giovanna Antonelli Parfums

Giovanna Antonelli - Parfums

Giovanna Antonelli Perfums was born from a partnership between Giovanna Antonelli, an actress and Brazilian TV presenter, and a French perfume company, Courtois/mourot Parfums.

This first collection pays tribute to Rio de Janeiro, the birthplace of Giovanna, and also to the “electric” Sao Paulo, and to Paris, the city of light, savoir-vivre and elegance. The “11”, the fetish figure of Giovanna, symbol of the love of joy and abundance, is naturally associated with his dream of perfume.

Each perfume is rich, full-bodied and vivacious; bold without screaming for attention. We have classic French floral with modern green notes; balsamic oriental and spicy floral.

And true to her vision, the collection is a facet of Giovanna, expressing her femininity, elegance and exotic beauty with added French chic and elegance.

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