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A collection of molecular perfumes inspired by Florentine alchemy; thirteen perfumes plus one that melt into your skin.

Hermetica was founded by John and Clara Molloy with the inspiration of alchemy that sought to transmute precious metals and find the elixir of life. Their conviction is that the right perfume starts from the chemical connection between the fragrance molecules and the skin.

This hybrid formula, achieved through an exclusive patented technology developed by Symrise, InnoscentTM, is an absolute first in the perfume industry. Its alcohol-free formula immediately reveals the heart of the fragrance.

Its fragrances come from more than two years of study by two leading noses: Alienor Massenet and Philippe Paparella. They do not contain alcohol and are therefore very hydrating.

This contemporary alchemy has resulted in four collections that excite and linger on the skin and Source a unique fragrance contained in all of them, to enhance them or use them in a unique way.

Hermetica perfumes are long-lasting, vegan, paraben-free and alcohol-free, offering a true gesture of beauty in harmony with the environment. In addition, Hermetica wants to contribute to reducing the carbon footprint, which is why its bottles are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Hermetica has won in 2020 “The Beauty Award” in Australia and the “Dutch Beauty Award” in the Netherlands. Thanks to these two awards and the “Byrdie” it won in 2019, it has become the most awarded Clean Fragrance Brand.

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