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The new collection History in Drops by Daniel Josier, consists of six perfumes dedicated to the history of the world of perfume. Each perfume is dedicated to a significant period in the history of perfume development:

Volume I – Sumerians – Emergence of the first distillations of oils, and the birth of perfume. (Type: Oriental Sandalwood.

Volume II – Roman Empire – Through its conquests in Greece and Egypt, Rome acquired the knowledge of the world of essences and it was in here, where it received its name: Profumo (through smoke, in Latin). (Type: Spicy Incense)

Volume III – Byzantine Empire – There is a resurgence of perfumes through the trade routes coming from the East and the first alcohol-based perfume in history is produced. (Type: Floral Cedar-Mimosa)

Volume IV – Renaissance – These are the centuries of the opening of new maritime routes that bring to Europe new materials from America and Asia. It is the first time that perfumes are used for aesthetic purposes as well as to please and seduce. (Type: Floral)

Volume V – La Belle Epoque – 100 years ago modern perfumery, as we understand it today, was born. It is the birth of aldehydes in perfumes and the industrialization of the world of perfume. (Type: Floral Aldehydic)

Volume VI – Present and future – Perfumery combines technological advances with environmental awareness. Molecular perfumery offers infinite possibilities to perfumers. (Type: Soapy-metallic)

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