Iruela Fine Fragrances

Iruela Fine Fragrances‘s first hedonistic collection is a tribute to a place of unique savoir-vivre and authentic style and felt emotions: the Mediterranean. Delicate fragrances, unexpected notes and unique combinations celebrate its bold and elusive elegance.
Born and raised in Barcelona, Sandra Iruela has taken the bold spirit of her roots to the world of perfume. A world-renowned perfumer, he has instilled in his savoir-faire an unparalleled Barcelona character: a creative hunger, an authentic savoir-vivre. Bold elegance.
Iruela is a tribute to the city that made Sandra Iruela, an artistic creation inspired by the infinite variations of the sea, the warmth of its people and its hedonic joy of life.

The noblest of raw materials, an acclaimed savoir-faire that sums up the authentic Barcelona style in all its complexity: elegant and daring, delicate and unexpected.

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