J.F.Schwarzlose Berlin

JFS - Art Edition

The new J.F.Schwarzlose Berlin fragrance series includes creations that function as a mirror of modern Berlin. Designed for fragrance connoisseurs, lovers and individualists, they are sovereign and confident, cosmopolitan, original and authentic, beyond any dominant attitude.

In other words, they are as eccentric, extravagant and colourful as the city of Berlin itself. Its base is made up of high-concentration luxury perfumed oils, the bottles and containers are joined by an elegant, reduced and high quality design. The eye-catching glass jars with heavy bases reflecting their historical models are engraved with the brand logo and adorned with specially hand-crafted and turned brass lids. The signature colors are black and gold, so the round labels mimic the brand’s traditional emblem formed from the stylized initial letters of JFSS in flower.

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