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Kerosene Fragrances is an American perfume brand founded by John Pegg. Its founder, John, is not your typical perfumer and originally comes from the automobile industry – something that was very typical during many decades for the residents of Detroit and its surroundings. During the time he worked in the factories John became fascinated by the smells of gasoline, grease, pressed steel, glue, plastic and in articular, kerosene which is precisely why John eventually decided to call his perfume line Kerosene.

But Michigan is not only well known for its automobile industry but also for its large natural reserves and its spectacular flora and fauna. Michigan is also well known for its terribly harsh and extremely long winters. In Michigan it is cold seven months a year!  Due to the harsh weather John explains that he is “naturally attracted to warm notes such as amber, leather, tabaco, woods, and spices” and these elements are a common factor in most his perfumes.

Finally, John has applied his background in the automobile industry in the brand’s extremely unique packaging. Every Kerosene bottle is painted with high quality automotive paint and clearcoat. The result is a shiny, classic metallic Ford which in the end, collides with its very own, equitable perfume!

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