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Marina Barcenilla is a ‘rising star’ of perfumery, acquiring a shelf full of awards to her name. And she’s one of the talented ‘noses’ driving the strong trend towards natural perfumery.

In 2011 Marina Barcenilla launched The Perfume Garden, a small artisan perfumery based in Glastonbury. With a collection of six oil-based perfumes – alongside a selection of body oils, bath salts and sugar scrubs, originally blended to order – she has since seen her passion turn into an industry-acclaimed fragrance house.

Marina’s vision was for a return to more traditional ways of creating perfume. As founder and perfumer, she wanted to be involved in every aspect of the perfume creation process, from sourcing rare and precious aromatic essences from around the world to blending fragrances by hand in her own perfume studio. After years of study, she finally embarked on a long-awaited olfactory journey to ‘rediscover the soul of perfume’.

Marina’s decision to use only nature-derived ingredients in her own fragrances which carry the Marina Barcenilla Parfums name stems solely from a deep love of the complexity of natural aromas. Born in Spain, she remembers being intrigued by the aromatic notes in the Herbíssimo fragrances and in her grandmother’s lavender water, which is where her love of natural ingredients is rooted. She has always been interested in scent – and when the chance came to branch out from her aromatherapy roots into the world of perfume, Marina rose beautifully to the challenge.

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