The brand name and its design are /n[‘bi tor] or, for practical uses, simply nBitor.

Our signature brand is dedicated to our passion and love for the invaluable history and culture of Spain.  The majority of individuals are unaware that Spain is one of the countries in the world with the most World Heritage Sites. Its heritage is immensely incalculable, and the influence of Spanish history and culture goes far beyond its own borders. The spanish language, which is part of this heritage, is today one of the most used and important languages on the planet.  As declared by King Carlos I of Spain and, today, the official aphorism of Spain, “Plus Ultra”, which translates as “Further beyond“.

The purpose of our brand is to create a niche-artistic line of perfumes that more accurately represents the country rather than the commonly known mainstream clichés associated with Spain. Each one of our creations are inspired by an extraordinary instance of Spanish history and culture.

Part of the name and logo of the brand is inspired by the characteristic and traditional symbols that are typically found on the walls of the university buildings of the University of Salamanca.  Traditionally, the word “Vítor” was and to this day is individually designed for each student and painted using bull’s blood on the walls of the walls of the University of Salamanca, accompanying the name of the student once he or she had reached the highest level of studies. “Vítor” stands for Victorioso, applause or ¡viva! and is used as an ovation or acclamation in honor of a person or an event. Interestingly enough, a “Vítor” is also considered to be one of the earliest forms of graffiti to exist in the world.

Another important element of the name and logo is inspired by the Spanish language. The symbol that is most representative of the Spanish language is the infamous “Ñ”. And for those of you who understand a bit about phonetics, the letter Ñ also happens to be a nasal letter and is represented by the /n. In other words, just as we need and use our nose and our olfaction abilities to perceive and appreciate a scent, we also need the use of our nose to produce the actual sound of the Ñ.

Finally, in order to understand a perfume, we need to comprehend its language– the notes and accords that make up the perfume. The spoken language is very similar, and we need and apply phonetics and phonology to better comprehend a language. Just as we decipher a perfume through its notes and accords, phonetics and phonology are extremely crucial to understand and to decipher any language. Therefore, the role of phonetics also plays an important part in the name and design of our brand.

As a result, from the above explanations,  the name ñvítor is transliterated as /n[‘bi tor] as our brand name. Or again, for practical uses, simply nBitor.

We have dedicated a lot of love and dedication in developing the brand and we hope our perfume creations take you on a very unique and unforgettable olfactory journey through Spanish history.

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