OJAR - Absolutes

OJAR is a fusion of fragrances from the East and the West. Created as a statement of modernity and traditional harmony the brand pays tribute to the art and rituals of Middle Eastern perfume making.

OJAR cornes from the word HOJARI which is widely regarded as the finest quality of Frankincense resin in the world, found in Oman’s Dhofar mountains.

Frankincense has an ancient and rich history in Oman with a multitude of uses and health benefits. lt is most famous as a perfume ingredient and a resin that is burned and revered for its powerful, uplifting and purifying effect on the body, mind & spirit.

Frankincense is one of the main ingredient categories of the brand permanent collection.

The Absolute is a 20ml perfume oil enclosed in a unique bottle. An innovative and never seen before dual cap which features a glass applicator stick and a roll on to enhance the gesture and the perfume ritual, only few drops are needed to last the day

The OJAR scent collection based on 6 ingredients: Rose | Frankincense | Musk | Oud | Sandalwood | Honey

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