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Pernoire is a Swiss niche perfume house. Based in Basel, pernoire produces unique and high-quality fragrances.

Pernoire was founded in 2020 by Nico Mannino and Robin Dünner. Growing up in the same neighbourhood, both sharing the same passion: To explore olfaction by experiencing scents through perfumes. It is these emotions – created in the moment – that impacted their lives and drove them to build this community.

A person’s personality is multifaceted and each person has different character traits that depend on the situation and can vary in their characteristics. Nevertheless, we experience moments in which we would like to have behaved differently. With the help of pernoire you should not experience these situations again. Every day we transform you into the person you want to be – maybe even into a superhero. With our rare essences and complex fragrance compositions, we authentically depict the fine and gradual elements of a character.

We don’t want to create pleasant perfumes, we create olfactory personalities. In our eyes, a perfume is a highly intimate good and the key product for self-identification. That’s why every personality deserves their own scent.

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