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Dedicated to those looking for wonder, originality, curiosity. For those who love to get excited and are willing to change their perspective. Rubini perfumes are surprising, they promise the unexpected, imagined worlds to try new olfactory experiences. Each case contains and reflects the conceptual content of the perfume, it is the external representation of the inner world.

From the creative genius of the independent soul of Francesca Gotti comes the Rubini packaging. I imagined the Rubini house, its walls holding the stories and memories of so many decades and its windows facing towards the horizon. Two solid shells promise to protect and preserve an intimate and personal Italian experience. The shells are a visual embodiment of the layers of memory, playing on the alternation of full and dense materials with others more fragile and light. A glimpse through the glass suggests a vision to construct from the ‘foundation’ a free and coherent future. The search for a form, its imperfect materials, the experimental work. All ideal conditions to make a dream come true.

The Rubini essence finds in glebanite® its objective correlative. Future material putting together fragments from the past, it is obtained from the recycle of fiberglass used in old buildings and more recently in sailing boats, also oceanic ones. The great challenge of glebanite® is to unveil the aesthetics of a recycled material: so here it comes its vocation to collaborate with the world of design and arts. As a result of the materials experimentation made in Italy, glebanite® is pleased to preserve the precious research on Italian perfumery.

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