Sarah Baker

Sarah Baker - Colection

Sarah Baker are fragrances born out of art. Artist and Creative Director Sarah Baker works closely with the world’s most daring and innovative noses—all of whom are named on each bottle—in a process of mutual inspiration and creativity to create distinctive, gender optional fragrances drawing on a myriad of inspirations.

Each perfume is an insight into the imaginations and craft of today’s cutting-edge olfactory talents who know just how complex, sensual and game-changing fragrances should be.

The Sarah Baker Collection offers eight unique perfumes in a sculptural 50ml bottle designed by Sarah Baker. Its joyful logo and signature cap, referencing the colour of the Golden Gate Bridge, are both inspired by San Francisco. But each fragrance has a singular character of its own, whether inspired by the glamour of Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant, the seminal work of French surrealist filmmaker Germaine Dulac, or the mysterious Scottish Highlands.

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