Somens will tell your story. Perfectly inspired by the best perfumers around the world using their expertise in fragrances and the finest materials, culminating in some of the most amazing creations. Whispering the history of our origins and evolving into the people we are today. The three perfumers of this collection are: Chris Maurice, Daniel Josier and Lucas Sieusac.

The journey with Somens begins with the creation of its Reminiscence range, enabling everyone to find a connection with one of its perfumes, either due to a passed memory, a recently created memory or even in view of the person we are becoming.

The names of Somens is a composition of 3 words: SO (SOphie- wisdom) M (Mundial/World) ENS (essence phonetics). Every perfume we’ve made now: Arena, Seda, Jade, Aria is part of men’s history of those who were born somewhere in the world and later gone elsewhere. It is part of the evolution of man and finally of us.

Arena is the first perfume the perfume that connects the Arabic culture with the Spanish peninsula. It is the perfume that all perfumes were born when Spain melt essential oils into leather. When Louis XIV just wanted the leathers from Spain for its balance and adictive smell.

Aria is the perfume that rememorates all migration of entrepreneurs, artesans, brave and duriing the XIX and XX centutry from west Europe to America. North and South. It is the dance between citrics and fresh wind. Which is the conection between the main trees in the mediterranean cultures and the voyage to the America by the Sea.

Seda is the perfume that represents all migrations of new talents and courageous and curious from The main cities of West Africa and India to the main cities in Europe bringing us its talent and exotism that we all fall in today. Seda is where wildness meets romance.

Jade is pure nature is the mother nature that brings us all to the origin is the representation of Asiatic cultures migrating to south America and Europe. It is the special connection that North East Asian cultures have to nature and its wisdom and knowledge to be always in tune, a unit with nature.

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