Somens will tell your story. Perfectly inspired by the best perfumers around the world using their expertise in fragrances and the finest materials, culminating in some of the most amazing creations. Whispering the history of our origins and evolving into the people we are today. The three perfumers of this collection are: Chris Maurice, Daniel Josier and Lucas Sieusac.

The journey with Somens begins with the creation of its Reminiscence collection, empowering everyone to find a connection with one of its perfumes, either due to a passed memory, a recently created memory or new memories that we are presently in the process of creating.

The names of Somens are a composition of syllables and letters: SO (SOphie- wisdom) M (Mundial/World) ENS (essence phonetics). The four perfumes we have created: Arena, Seda, Jade, Aria represent the history of those who were born sometime, somewhere in the world and although they are no longer here with us many of their undertakings are part of who we are today.

Arena represents an intricate connection between the Arab culture and the Spanish peninsula. For many centuries, the Arabs resided in a large portion of the Spanish peninsula know as Al-Ándalus. Arena is a fusion of exquisite Arabian essential oils with the legendary aroma of Spanish leather.

Seda represents the migrations of new talents, the courageous and the curious from the main cities of West Africa and India to the main cities of Europe known as the Silk RoadThe Silk Road was a network of trade routes which connected the East and West. Seda is where wildness meets romance.

Aria represents the great migration of brave entrepreneurs and artisans during the XIX and XX centuries between Europe and America and from the North to South. Aria is a dance between the critics and cool sea winds. Citric trees have always been part of the warm landscape that caresses the Mediterranean Sea. It was the Mediterranean Sea that would connect the Old World with the New, drastically changing the course of human history.

Jade represents the pure nature of the Asian cultures that currently have a large influence in both Europe and America. Jade was considered to be the “imperial gem” and was used to create many utilitarian and ritual objects throughout Asia. Asian cultures tend to be less religious and more spiritual. The connection between the mind, body, and soul with the rest of nature is a fundamental ritual and tradition for most Asian cultures and anyone can be in tune with our surroundings and nature. Jade represents this essential balance and harmony.

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