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It is a lifestyle brand, the result of a fusion of the arts. In 2014, as a tribute to the LAVS atelier, the first fragrance of the UNUM collection was born, as a kind of olfactory tailoring, followed by perfumes dedicated to the artistic passions of its creator: Gothic art, music, photography… fog.

In 2001 Filippo Sorcinelli founded the workshop LAVS (The Sacred Vestments Atelier) for the study, design and manufacture of sacred vestments, furnishings and accessories for the sacred liturgy.

LAVS has become in a few years the spearhead of excellence in Italy and abroad, working in close collaboration with the Office for Liturgical Celebrations of the Supreme Pontiff.

The work of LAVS is recognized worldwide for having realized numerous robes for Pope Benedict XVI and for the opening Mass of Pope Francesco’s pontificat in 2013.

Filippo Sorcinelli is above all a musician who finds his score in wood, in metal, the support does not matter, as it conveys emotions and gives beauty. The organ, his great passion, is the true soundtrack of his life. “Today I can say that the organ has always been part of me. It has been a dazzling encounter since childhood.”

Its sound is one I can’t do without. It is a concentrate of research and everyone seems to revolve energetically around those sounds. It is the only instrument that manages to enter the depths of the human soul with an unparalleled capacity for bodily emotional involvement.

The organ is part of me even when it is silent, and I feed on it as if it were the seed of every art and every science, easily perceiving its mystery and its unlimited being.”

Filippo Sorcinelli is not only synonymous with niche fragrances; the company’s projects vary volcanically in every sector: art, events, fashion, design, in a lifestyle concept that embraces different aspects of contemporaneity through unusual shapes and materials.

A journey through spirituality and harmony, in the constant and audacious search for Beauty.

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