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Even for those who dont want to know.. sexuality is a fundamental and integral part of the human being. Losing oneself in the silence of one’s intimacy means being able to look beyond (Latin “transgredi”), that means going beyond the limits of what is lawful.

Four fragrances with an ambiguous and provocative name XSE, Extrait de perversion. Four small sculptures, with an industrial pack and entirely handmade. Innovative and exclusive design, which is born from the artistic passions of its creator: Filippo Sorcinelli. A lifestyle concept that embraces different aspects of contemporary life through unusual shapes and materials.

Popper-pop: It is the amazing scent of euphoria. It is that brief but intense effect that uninhibits and makes you shake your head and madness. Thirty seconds of psychedelic imagination, far from the lucid and everyday experience.ç

Cyber-sex: It is the scent of imaginative relaxation, it is the set of the most intimate ideas of self-activation and induction to well-being. It is the dense noise of a PC fan that releases olfactory sounds of electronics distributing them on a skin that is pulsating and wet from the hormonal variations of desire.

Slightly-b!tch: It is the scent of “artisanal” nights, of the countryside plowed by the tires of cars burned by improvised fires on a state road. It is that low-cost smudged lipstick, that nose resting on skimpy clothes with a strong smell of under-brand detergent, but which give sudden emotions, those of an excited youthful imagination.

Cruising-area: It is that hidden, underground space, with inaccessible and dark passages, with moldy walls and full of ephemeral pleasure, where personal stardom is abandoned to leave room for one’s own nakedness without ever questioning who one really is.

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