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The Perfumery - Tienda

Signature Fragrances London seeks to push all the boundaries, by rekindling the ancient ritual of using and applying pure perfume oils through dabbing creating an entirely new bespoke experience. We are all accustomed to using perfumes in a spray bottle format and probably 99% of all perfume brands are offered in this format.

It was in 1907 that the first perfume atomizers emerged. Dubbed “perfumizers,” they delivered liquid fragrance in a fine spray.  Yet, as we already know, for many centuries before the invention of perfumizers, perfumes came in an oil base that had to be carefully applied through the art of dabbing. Of course, using perfumes in a spray format is easier but the ritual of dabbing takes us back to the way perfume was originally meant to be applied/used and in addition, has several benefits.



Oil-based scents are much less drying to skin and hair than traditional alcohol-based perfumes. As alcohol evaporates to spread the fragrance of a traditional perfume, it takes with it your skin’s natural oils, leaving your skin drier. Perfume oils are moisturizing, making them less irritating and more suitable for people with dry skin.
People are wearing fragrance differently, too, and perfume oil fits a more modern style of personal scent. Gone are the clouds of fragrance that announced one’s entrance and lingered long after one’s exit. Perfume oils tend to wear closer to the skin, which is bad if you want people to smell you across the room, but great if you are wearing them to the office or other environments where you want to enjoy your fragrance without offending others. Now, if you’re new to perfume oils, or perfume in general.
Dab, don’t rub when applying your perfume. Rubbing the oil into your skin breaks down the more volatile top notes, such as citrus. Rubbing any perfume anywhere on the skin causes friction/heat which literally alters and can even destroy the scent the perfume was meant to offer.

Just as applying a perfume is an art in and of itself, their actual decanters should also be an art form as well and Signature Fragrances London offer its amazing line of perfumes in beautifully designed bottles.

Signature - Endure Elements

Perfume bottle design is also an art and should be intone with the perfumes they encase. Signature Fragrances London is presented in beautifully handmade Bohemian crystal decanters.  A stunning exemplar of beauty and exclusivity, their bottles are made from superb sparkly cut crystal to give a stunning effect.
Each bottle is hand crafted from some of the clearest crystal in the world. The detail of our bottles can be noticed by the exclusive silver trimming which highlights the pinnacle of the bottle’s stunning effect. The uniqueness and overt design of their bottles set the trend with the current love of all things luxurious and artistic.

Signature Fragrances London is history, culture and art.

Interview by Radio Kanal Barcelona

Interview by Radio Kanal Barcelona to Thomas Dennis, owner of The Perfumery Barcelona

Acqua di Biella

Acqua di Biella - Diploma A.di B.

Very often in the world of perfumery niche or author we can be very infatuated to find contemporary brands and perfumes. This is normal.  It is always up to us to discover contemporary brands and creations. We want to see and, above all, smell the latest. But don’t forget that there are some very famous and incredibly interesting brands that have sometimes been creating perfumes for many decades or even centuries

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The Perfumery - Santalla

Santalla (before La Esencia de Santa Eulalia name) is a perfume with a dynamic entry, fresh, clean and very energetic. Bergamot, lemon and green apple give it a very fresh and clean point and its high content of ginger gives it positive power and energy.

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