We are pleased to announce our second course dedicated to the world of perfume given by our perfumer Sandra Iruela. The course will take place in our new workshop school The Perfumery, located inside the same shop.


1. What is a perfume?

  • Concept and meaning.
  • Elaboration of a perfume.
  • Components for the development of a perfume.
  • Discovering the identity of a perfume.
  • Analysis of the stages of evaporation.
  • Pyramidal structure of a perfume.
  • Natural and synthetic raw materials.
  • 15 main olfactory families (olfactory mapping).
  • 3 main olfactory chords.

2 . The sense of smell:

  • Techniques to improve the sense of smell.
  • Smell throughout our lives.
  • How are smells perceived?
  • Fragrances and science.
  • The importance of smell in our lives.

3. Categories and applications of fragrances

  • Types of fragrances:
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    • Eau de cologne.
    • Eaux Fraiche.
    • Eau de toilette.
    • Eau de parfum.
  • Quality parameters in the evolution of a perfume:
    • Quality of the raw material.
    • Quality in the production of the fragrance.
    • Quality in the manufacturing process, maceration, cooling, filtering, packaging.
    • legislation.

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  • Date: Coming soon
  • Timetable: Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Price: 50 €
  • Place: The Perfumery Workshop Hall, Sant Pere Mas Alt 58 (Barcelona)
  • Language: Spanish
  • Limited seats
  • Information: cursos@theperfumerybarcelona.com
  • Telephone: 93 002 97 20


Iruela - Sandra

Sandra Iruela is a long-time professional perfumer with more than 15 years of experience. Sandra performs training incompani specialty cosmetic perfumery, sensory marketing and olfactory marketing, consulting to companies in the world of cosmetics or who want to develop a line of perfumery and cosmetics. Sandra Iruela is founder and president of Sandir Perfumery School.

Born and raised in Barcelona, Sandra Iruela has brought the bold spirit of her roots to the world of perfume. Iruela Fine Fragrances‘ first hedonistic collection is a tribute to a place of unique savoir-vivre and authentic style and felt emotions: the Mediterranean. Delicate fragrances, unexpected notes and unique combinations celebrate its audacious and elusive elegance.