J.F. Schwarzlose – 1A-33

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Berlin’s energy, heritage, vibrancy | Floral

A1-33 is the name I received from my driving licence in Berlin before the war. A1-33 is a romantic walk along Avenida de los Tilos.

Top notes: Tangerine, pink pepper, lime blossom.

Heart notes: Jasmine sambac, Magnolia oil.

Base notes: Cedar wood, iris.

Nose: Veronique Nyberg

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1A-33 is the first new interpretation and one of most successful fragrances J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin

In the 1950s it was the bestseller of the traditional Berlin perfume brand. In addition to the perfume, there was a wide range of soaps and powders from 1A-33. And even today, the extraordinary fragrance formula of the noble perfume convinces with the charming linden blossom, magnolia and jasmine in the heart notes and the fresh head notes of manderin and spicy pink pepper. The lime blossom extract symbolises the famous “Berliner Luft”, the Berlin air, which revolves around the beautiful boulevard of Unter den Linden in the city centre – but not only that makes 1A-33 a Berlin fragrance: the name of the fragrance embodies the German capital. It’s based on the old license plates of Berlin cars. 1A stands for Berlin, the 33rd location of the company in the Moabit district.

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Extract de Parfum 100ml, Eau de Parfum 50ml

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Man and Woman


Veronique Nyberg






JFS - Veronique Nyberg

Veronique Nyberg is a perfumer who began as a chemist with a doctorate in Organic Chemistry for International Fragrances and Flavors in Netherlands and has since become a perfumer in their Paris Fine Fragrance department. She was born in the Alps of Switzerland and attended the IFF Perfume School in Grasse, France. In 2000 she was employed by IFF as a chemist and worked there as senior perfumer for 15 years. In September 2014 she was named as the vice president of creation, fine fragrance for Mane. Her educational background combined with her delicate character explains the diverse sources of inspiration she turns to when it comes to the creation of fragrances. From chemistry to art, nature, and history, Veronique Nyberg uses all her creativity and knowledge to come up with some of the best-selling formulas in the perfume industry today. As with most of the worldwide notable perfumers, she also hides the roots of her passion for perfumes in her childhood memories. The small village in the Alps, where she was born, together with her grandmother’s knowledge on botany made the perfect mix that let the love of Veronique to wild flowers and natural scents flourish into what’s today a true mastery in the perfume creation. Here’s how she explains the creation of a new fragrance: “It is a real challenge! In fact, you need to give yourself enough freedom to come out with an interesting idea while working within the reality of a brief. As a perfumer, I’m always pushing outside boundaries and then using my imagination to translate my ideas for the concept, the brand, the market… You may think limits are hurdles, but sometimes you get the greatest ideas because you have to find a solution. Total freedom can be a nightmare…”

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