A Lab on Fire – Hallucinogenic Pearl


Vintage and sexy | Oriental spicy

White leather, clean and pure. An outlet of ambrette seeds, pink pepper and bergamot that drifts into a heart of violet and iris root that take over the fragrance without asking permission and that will end up with a delicate suede covered with musk.

Top notes: Ambrette seeds, bergamot, pink pepper corns.

Heart notes: Violet, iriseine de Laire, Orris.

Base notes: Suede, blond woods, musks.

Nose: Emilie Coppermann.

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Hallucinogenic Pearl

Hallucinogenic Pearl by A Lab on Fire is a vintage and sexy fragrance that evokes endless nights in a timeless place, enjoying a state of wonder and contemplation.

Hallucinogenic Pearl is an ecstatic vision that evokes a kaleidoscope of memories, lucid dreams and visceral emotions. It takes us back to the endless nights we spent carelessly enjoying the powerful sensations. A liberating sense of resurrection, with life pulsating incessantly in our veins, when the skins melt.

A unison of stunned figures wandering through corridors and labyrinth-shaped rest areas, illuminated by purple UV and candlelight until the early hours of the morning. Seeking infinity, revelations, or even nothing at all.

Hallucinogenic Pearl has been awarded the “Extraordinary Perfume 2019” award by the Fragance Foundation.

A Lab on Fire - Hallucinogenic Pearl

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Eau de Parfum 60ml

Olfactory group



Man and Woman


Emile Coppermann


United States