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Biella “Baraggia” | Spicy Woody

Inspired by the smells of a very special place near Biella, the Baraggia. Baraja is the dialectal name of Biella “Baraggia”. This paramo, typical of the Piedmontese plateaus, which some call the “Italian savannah”, is a mysterious and charming place. A plateau without limits surrounded by the spectacular landscape of the Alps.

Top notes: lime, lemon, cedar.

Heart notes: nutmeg, caraway, pitosforo iris, cinnamon, cardom.

Base notes: grey amber, patchouli, vetiver.

Nose: Maurizio Cerrizza.

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The creation of this fragrance Baraja by Acqua di Biellawas inspired by Chiara Cantono’s father, Gigi, and by the scents of a special place near Biella that he loved very much, the Baraggia.

Chiara still vividly remembers the walks with the father around Biella and the long chats in dialect with the peasants and shepherds who live in this ancient and unspoiled place.

He knew every plant and every tree and he knew the paths that animals took to go to water at the Elvo or the Cervo, two crystal-clear rivers that for centuries have provided motive power and been the source of the very special water that has made the Biella textile factories so famous all over the world. However, the place he preferred was the Baraja.

Baraja is the dialectal name for the Biella “Baraggia”. This moor, typical of Piedmont tablelands, which some call the “Italian savannah”, is a mysterious and enchanting place. An untouched expanse where time seems to have stood still for millennia. An unbounded plateau surrounded by the spectacular scenery of the Pre-Alps, one of the few magical places in which it is possible to get an intense feeling for the mysterious and unconquered sense of nature, with its warm and humid smell of humus, with its different and unique shades of ochre and its overwhelming silence, broken by the sudden and unexpected, sometimes even savage, sounds of thunders and animals cries. A place dominated by high contrasts, where the fine weather covers the deep cracks in the land caused by the sun and by the rain with a sea of narcissi.

Acqua di Biella - Baraja

Baraja has a significantly higher concentration than a cologne, and is a perfume with a spicy and woody character with citrus notes of lemon, citron and lime, a spicy floral heart with cinnamon, cumin, cardamom, nutmeg, iris and pittosporum and a delicate and warm base of woods and vetiver amber, patchouli and ambergris.

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Maurizio Cerizza


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Acqua di Biella - Maurizio Cerizza

Though many noses can talk of growing up in a household of perfumers or industry insiders, Maurizio Cerizza’s childhood connection with scent was even closer to the source: his father ran EMA, one of Italy’s oldest and only essential oil extraction conglomerates.

Maurizio trained at Roure, where he studied under a Jean Carles protégé, Rene Ricord, who passed along Carles’ well-publicized teaching and composition methods, which encourage creators to fully conceive of their formula on paper even before the first oils are combined.

Now, in addition to his own line of fragrance, Maurizio is among the most sought-after names in Italian perfumery. Notable creations include many of the updated scents for the revival of classic Italian house Acqua di Biella.

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