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Janca is the expression of a genuine and sensitive femininity, full of humour, capable of unleashing passion, joy of life and the pleasure of audacity. Janca provides the sensation of immersing herself in crystalline and sparkling waters and of smelling the soft fruity and floral notes emanating from an ideal garden on the banks of the river, in a refined sequence of “solos” that merge into a harmonious and intense symphony of emotions.

Top notes: Mandarin, peach, tamarind.

Heart notes: Magnolia, iris, osmanto (odorous olive tree), cardom, lime blossom.

Base notes: Patchouli, cedar and musk.

Nose: Maurizio Cerrizza.

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With this new creation Janca by Acqua di Biella consolidated its position as the outstanding leader among the entirely Italian brands of high-quality perfumes.

For this new women’s fragrance Chiara Cantono chose the name of a wonderful Biella torrent: Janca. Its rushing and crystal-clear waters represented to her the indomitable soul of a woman she has always admired for her authenticity and style, but above all for the resolution and the passion with which she was able to state her independence.

The inspiring muse of Janca, as well as having an intense love for the torrent, was a passionate admirer of a tradition in the Biella area having distant origins: a love for the rarest of flowers that, starting from the beginning of the nineteen century, were imported in order to decorate the landscape, gladden the heart and stimulate the imagination of the textile designers. A tradition that is still widely respected as witnessed by the wonderful parks of Burcina and of Panoramica Zegna and in the sumptuous gardens of the villas.

Chiara Cantono wanted Janca to provide the feeling of lowering oneself into crystal-clear and foaming waters and of smelling the gentle fruity and flowery notes emanating from an ideal riverside garden, in a refined sequence of “solos” that merge into a harmonic and intense symphony of emotions.

Janca is the expression of genuine and sensitive femininity, full of humour, able to give free rein to passion, joie de vivre and pleasure of daring.

Acqua di Biella - Janca

The perfumer of Acqua di Biella achieved his aim with a very elegant and unusual use of the notes of the precious florentin iris, that here appear totally graceful, fresh and clear. It is easy to feel them, following the delicate fruity notes of peach, tamarind and mandarin. Once the precious scent of the iris is fully developed, a warm and delicate bouquet of linden, osmanthus and magnolia begins to develop. It is followed by the spicy and aromatic notes of cardamom that anticipate a robust, warm and sensual base created with a skilful combination of musk, citron wood and patchouli .

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Eau de Toilette 100ml

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Maurizio Cerizza








Acqua di Biella - Maurizio Cerizza

Though many noses can talk of growing up in a household of perfumers or industry insiders, Maurizio Cerizza’s childhood connection with scent was even closer to the source: his father ran EMA, one of Italy’s oldest and only essential oil extraction conglomerates.

Maurizio trained at Roure, where he studied under a Jean Carles protégé, Rene Ricord, who passed along Carles’ well-publicized teaching and composition methods, which encourage creators to fully conceive of their formula on paper even before the first oils are combined.

Now, in addition to his own line of fragrance, Maurizio is among the most sought-after names in Italian perfumery. Notable creations include many of the updated scents for the revival of classic Italian house Acqua di Biella.

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