Acqua di Biella – Kid Mohair


Incomparable female style | Woody floral musk

Kid Mohair, the first female fragrance of Le Vie della Lana, is an Eau de Parfum inspired by an extremely feminine and elegant icon, a woman like Audrey Hepburn who left, with her extraordinary charm, an indelible mark of talent and incomparable style.

Top notes: Silk essence, Sicilian mandarin, mango.

Heart notes: Chinese Osmanthus, Damascus rose, Peruvian rose pepper.

Base notes: Indonesian patchouli, musk, Ambretta seeds.

Nose: Maurizio Cerizza.

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Kid Mohair

Kid Mohair by Acqua di Biella belongs to Le Vie della Lana Acqua di Biella, which is a line inspired by the world of fine wool and the very rich and fascinating historical, cultural and sensory repertoire of this ancient Biella tradition.
A tradition that is intertwined with the experience of Acqua di Biella and the family that has been leading the way for four years. Generations with passion and dedication this historic brand of Italian high perfumery.

Le Vie della Lana is a line of extraordinary fragrances, fruit of a long and careful study. olfactory. The fragrances are combined with a line of high quality body care products, inspired by the ancient recipes of the Royal Manufacture, its composition is based on the most advanced scientific and dermatological research. The products in this valuable line are based on cashmere.
Keratin, a rare and precious component of cashmere wool, accompanied by raw materials. strictly vegetable of the highest quality.

Kid Mohair, the first female fragrance in the Le Vie della Lana line, is an Eau de Parfum inspired by an extremely feminine and classy figure, a woman who, like Audrey Hepburn, left behind, with her extraordinary charm, an indelible mark of unparalleled talent and style.
Chiara Cantono, fourth generation in charge of the Acqua di Biella brand, dedicates this wonderful fragrance to her paternal grandmother, Maria Rivetti, a woman of great class and descendant of one of the most important wool dynasties of the 19th century. It is this extraordinary woman to have introduced in the Real Manifattura Acqua di Biella the cult and the tradition of the wool.

The enveloping fragrance of Kid Mohair evokes the sensation of an enveloping embrace in the wool from which derives its name. Its soft and extremely balanced fragrance evokes the sweet and sensual femininity of a refined and elegant figure, endowed with an elegant style. unparalleled.

Acqua di Biella - Kid Mohair

The notes of Damascus rose, osmanto and pink pepper representing the sweet heart and the extremely refined Kid Mohair fragrance are enveloped in voluptuous silk notes, which are then emphasized for extraordinary softness. The exotic touch of Mango and Sicilian mandarin and the background of patchouli, musk and Ambreta seeds complete the perfectly balanced structure of this very elegant fragrance.


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Eau de Parfum 125ml

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Maurizio Cerizza






Acqua di Biella - Maurizio Cerizza

Though many noses can talk of growing up in a household of perfumers or industry insiders, Maurizio Cerizza’s childhood connection with scent was even closer to the source: his father ran EMA, one of Italy’s oldest and only essential oil extraction conglomerates.

Maurizio trained at Roure, where he studied under a Jean Carles protégé, Rene Ricord, who passed along Carles’ well-publicized teaching and composition methods, which encourage creators to fully conceive of their formula on paper even before the first oils are combined.

Now, in addition to his own line of fragrance, Maurizio is among the most sought-after names in Italian perfumery. Notable creations include many of the updated scents for the revival of classic Italian house Acqua di Biella.

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