Comporta – Dona Bia

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Spicy, elegant, warm | Oriental  Spicy

Dona Bia evokes the different aromas that fly over the atmosphere of the restaurants of Comporta.

Top Notes: Coffee, mint, barrel.

Heart notes: Species, wood, green mastic chords.

Base notes: Amber, incense.

Nose: Beatrice Aguilar

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Dona  Bia

Dona Bia by Comporta is an intense, hot, coffee- and spicy-scented perfume that takes us back to long dinners with friends in one of the town’s restaurants (Dona Bia is, by the way, the name of a Comporta restaurant). The author’s name is Beatriz and Dona Bia, she is Doña Bea in Portuguese. It has a very special touch of entry because it comes with notes of coffee and wine lees (very little used in perfumery), in addition to mint. In the heart, green mastic chord and in the background: amber and incense.

The sound of happiness. That’s how I always experience this sound. The cutlery that scrapes the plates until the meal is over, the coffee grinder in the background, the conversations that don’t care about their tone, the wine that slips out of the glasses by chance, the wood from the tables. This sound of happiness sings out loud at the Dona Bia restaurant on the road leading to the beach, where the sea embraces the pine forest. And it is in the olfactory mixture of pine and wine, wood and coffee, mint and black pepper that I discover this small place in the Alentejo. Smell of people and happiness, smell of a certain Behavior.

Ljubomir Stanisic, Chef

Comporta - Dona Bia

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Comporta - Beatrice Aguilar

A French-Spanish national with a very relaxed beauty, Beatrice possesses something that most people don’t: a privileged nose. From childhood, she explored the world through her smells in such a way that she ended up becoming a perfumer. This sensitivity, coupled with a passion for other visual arts, has made her latest project, Scent on Canvas, as subtle as she is.

Beatrice Aguilar lives in Barcelona and is the director of Scent on Canvas. She dominates the olfactory part and is curious about the visual and imaginative. That is why she has built bridges with other creators (María Torrontegui, María Coluccelli, Jodri Trullas, Tano Pisano and Mariona Esteba) to design an engraving that envelops her, taking inspiration from one of her perfumes. The box, in this case, unfolds and becomes another work of art, signed and numbered.