Giovanna Antonelli – 411 Intenso


Tribute to “Palais Royal” in Paris | Floral Cyprus

This powerful composition is timelessly elegant. Its fresh, sparkling head notes, its floral heart and a chypre background reveal a sensual and seductive character. Tribute to the Palais Royal in Paris.

Top notes:  Rose, beregamot, pepper, flower of chamomile.

Heart notes: Jasmine sambac, pivoine transparent, Ylang-ylang.

Base notes: Patchouli, ambar, vetiver, santal.

Nose: Julie Masse

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411 Intenso

411 Intenso by Giovanna Antonelli. This eau de parfum was inspired by the Palais-Royal, a landmark of Parisian life, “a little” suranne, where still float the spirits of Molière, Colette, Cocteau and yet violently contemporary still float … La Comédie Française, the romantic gardens and the shops of yesterday and today sheltered under arcades in row. It is one of the most charming corners of the city of light, naturally chic, without ostentation.

Giovanna reminded me of a woman in love with beauty, feminine, a little theatrical, who likes beautiful classical things and appropriates them by modernizing them. In my opinion, his perfume must have been a floral cyprus.”

Julie Masse

Giovanna Antonelli - 411 Intenso

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Eau de Parfum 100ml

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Giovanna Antonelli - Julie Masse

Julie Masse is a perfumer working at Shay & Blue. Originally from Tokyo, Japan, her later childhood was spent in Grasse, France where her father worked in a perfumery. She graduated from ISIPCA in Versailles, France. At Firmenich she started in raw materials and moved up to junior perfumer mentoring under Pierre Bourdon. In 2010 she joined Mane’s Fine Fragrance department working along side of Christine Nagel. She has worked with a number of fashion design and fragrance houses including Courreges, Giorgio Armani, and Lalique.

Julie Massé is one of Giorgio Armani’s favourite perfumers. She gives Beauty The Guide a rare peek into her creative and fascinating world. Giogio Armani took three to four years to create. Mr. Armani provided an initial brief called a white page with what he was looking for.

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