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Visonary, revolutionary | Fougere

Fougair raises its green fist in a revolutionAIRy greeting and takes us into open spaces beyond the traditional boundaries of gender, color and scent. Nothing is clear-cut, everything is allowed to be. Identity becomes a fluid playground for confident interpretations. With a resinous fresh fern explosion, fougair sets a visionAIRy direction. The gender-neutral composition is given contour by clean chords of Pink Pepper Pure Jungle Essence. From the depths, a sensual symphony of Patchouli Essential Oil, Fir balsam absolute and Lorenox pulsates sensually.

Top notes: Fern Accord, Bergamot Essential Oil, Pink Pepper Pure Jungle Essence.

Heart notes: Boxwood Absolute, Artemisia Essential Oil, Upcycled Cypress Essential Oil.

Base notes: Patchouli Heart Essential Oil, Fir Balsam Absolute , Lorenox.

Nose: Veronique Nyberg

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With Fougair,  J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin defines a new trend once again.

In-house perfumer Véronique Nyberg has composed the 9th perfume since the brand’s relaunch. Once more, she created a perfume beyond the traditional classifications of the genre. Inspired by the 1950 Schwarzlose fougère fragrance, this new scent is exhilarating with its avant-garde formula, featuring new accents of naturalness and lightness. fougair is a green meadow on a clear morning that envelops you in a cocoon of lasting elegance. Fougair – for urban free spirits.

Since its rebirth in 2012, Berlin based perfume manufacturer J.F.Schwarzlose combines timelessness with a tribute to its own heritage. Fougair is manifested through the inspirations from today’s zeitgeist, innovation and natural change.When piano maker Joachim Friedrich Schwarzlose founded his perfume house in 1856, the era of perfumes which merely imitated the scents of flowers had started to fade. Shortly after, an olfactory revolution took place in Europe. Through novel methods of extracting plant substances and the creation of new synthetic aromas and notes, perfumers were now able to combine aromas and compose elaboratebouquets of fragrances. This was the beginning of a new era in modern perfumery and one of the first new perfumes born of that time created a completely new fragrance family: fougère.

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Veronique Nyberg






JFS - Veronique Nyberg

Veronique Nyberg is a perfumer who began as a chemist with a doctorate in Organic Chemistry for International Fragrances and Flavors in Netherlands and has since become a perfumer in their Paris Fine Fragrance department. She was born in the Alps of Switzerland and attended the IFF Perfume School in Grasse, France. In 2000 she was employed by IFF as a chemist and worked there as senior perfumer for 15 years. In September 2014 she was named as the vice president of creation, fine fragrance for Mane. Her educational background combined with her delicate character explains the diverse sources of inspiration she turns to when it comes to the creation of fragrances. From chemistry to art, nature, and history, Veronique Nyberg uses all her creativity and knowledge to come up with some of the best-selling formulas in the perfume industry today. As with most of the worldwide notable perfumers, she also hides the roots of her passion for perfumes in her childhood memories. The small village in the Alps, where she was born, together with her grandmother’s knowledge on botany made the perfect mix that let the love of Veronique to wild flowers and natural scents flourish into what’s today a true mastery in the perfume creation. Here’s how she explains the creation of a new fragrance: “It is a real challenge! In fact, you need to give yourself enough freedom to come out with an interesting idea while working within the reality of a brief. As a perfumer, I’m always pushing outside boundaries and then using my imagination to translate my ideas for the concept, the brand, the market… You may think limits are hurdles, but sometimes you get the greatest ideas because you have to find a solution. Total freedom can be a nightmare…”