J.F. Schwarzlose – Leder 6


Lust, fantasy, debauchery | Leather

Berlin the city of sin. A fetish is a magical object or an object of desire. For this creation J.F Schwarzlose combines the heritage of traditional perfumery with the inspiration of contemporary Berlin. An amazing creation.

Top Notes: Leather, flower of the saffron.

Heart notes: Milk, vanilla.

Base notes: Incense, Styrax resins

Nose: Veronique Nyberg

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Leder 6

Berlin, City of Sin – Leather is a fetish – a fetish is a magical object or an object of desire. The Berlin fetish scene also inspired Leder 6.

Leder 6 is a fragrance based on the old classic J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin  “Spanisch Leder”. The new creation of perfumes brings the traditional character of the early composition of 1921 to the Modern Age. The wild background note of incense and Styrax Japanese resin represent the evil eroticism of the old days.

With the sensual leather and saffron flower on the top note, Leder 6 combines the traditions of fragrance production with the wild Berlin nights of today. The instinctive element, which never lets the capital sleep, is found in the animal and leathery character of the fragrance. The gently enveloping heart note of milk and pure vanilla surprises: As in many of J.F.’s perfumes. Schwarzlose Berlin, the heart of the fragrance is an exciting element. It complements the first impression of the fragrance and awakens warmth and sensuality. Leder 6 is therefore a dark and sensual fragrance from which its mystery cannot escape.

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Eau de Parfum 50ml

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Man and Woman


Veronique Nyberg