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Fresh, dynamic, energetic, spicy | Citrus aromatic

Santalla (named La Esencia de Santa Eulalia before) is a perfume with a dynamic entry, fresh, clean and very energetic. Bergamote, lemon and green apple give it a very fresh and clean point and its high ginger content gives it a very positive power and energy. In contrast, over time Cardamom, incense, sandalwood and vetiver turn Santalla into a perfume rather warm, mysterious, subtle and elegant.

Top notes: Lemon, green apple, bergamote, pink berries, cardamom.

Heart notes: Jasmine, ginger, patchouli, incense, violet petals.

Base notes: Teak wood, sandalwood, vetiver.

Nose: Daniel Josier




Santalla (named La Esencia de Santa Eulalia before)  is a perfume with a dynamic entry, fresh, clean and very energetic. Bergamot, lemon and green apple give it a very fresh and clean point and its high content of ginger gives it positive power and energy. As soon as you apply the perfume and smell it, it enters the nervous system and wiil give you a boost of incredible energy. On the other hand, the base notes of the perfume is totally different than its entrance. Over time, cardamom, incense, sandalwood and vetiver turn Santalla into a warm, mysterious, subtle and elegant perfume.

Santalla is dedicated to the ancient patron saint of Barcelona which represents an interesting fragment of the history of Barcelona/Spain.

Eulalia was born in Hispania in the year 290 A.D. in the bosom of a wealthy family that had taken refuge in the Christian faith, at a time when Christianity was still persecuted. According to the legend Eulalia shepherded geese in Sarrià and tells that, at the age of 13, she was condemned by the Roman emperor Diocletian to 13 martyrs (one per year) for refusing to renounce the Christian faith in the middle of the Roman era. The young girl suffered thirteen painful and horrifying tortures and was finally crucified.

The Cathedral of Barcelona has been dedicated to Santa Eulalia since 877 and within its cloister there are always 13 white geese. Each goose represents a year of Eulalia’s life and the 13 geese are guarded by the Church. Santa Eulalia is buried in the crypt of the Cathedral.

Our goal with “The Essence of Santa Eulalia” was to dedicate a unique perfume to the former patron saint of Barcelona which, is not only a very interesting part of the history of Barcelona but, is also an important part of each and every one of us from this country. However, believe it or not, we have been recently informed that the former patron saint and her name are not that of the people of Barcelona or Spain, but are instead “owned” of a multi-brand store in Barcelona that uses the same name. Hard to believe, but it seems that the owners of this multi-brand shop are the only ones who can use the name of our country’s former saint. Fortunately, the great success of our first perfume is not the name, but the perfume itself. And, as languages and words change and evolve from one century to the next, Santa Eulalia can be written in many ways: Santa Olalla, Santa Laia, Santa Eularia and also Santalla. Now, “La Esencia de Santa Eulalia” will have a new name and it will be called “Santalla”. Thus, we can preserve the spirit of our first in-house perfume dedicated to our patron saint “Santa Eulalia”. Of course the formula and the perfume are exactly the same, only the name of the perfume has been changed.

The Perfumery - Santalla

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Eau de Parfum 50ml

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Man and Woman


Daniel Josier






Daniel Josier

Daniel Josier is one of the best exponents of a new generation of perfumers who follow in the footsteps of the great Spanish noses. Trained at ISIPCA in Versailles and after having worked hand in hand with Jean Claude Ellena, he began in 1987 in the world of perfumery being responsible for major accounts for the creation of essences such as Haaman & Reimer (now Symrise), a German multinational for the creation of perfumes, contacting companies such as Sara Lee, UniLever, L’Oreal. Puig, and LVMH.

In 2004 she started working for Iberchem, a company responsible for the creation of perfumes for the Spanish market. Since 2008, she was responsible for the French company Expressions Parfumees for Iberia (Spain and Portugal), with clients such as Puig, CH, Rabanne, Ricci, Prada, Valentino, Yves Rocher, L’Occitane, among others.

Finally in 2014, Daniel Josier decided to take the big leap and create his own signature signature perfumes that transport the consumer to a true olfactory experience. The names of their creations can make us think of classic fragrances, nothing could be further from the truth, behind each scent hides a real surprise and nothing is what it seems, they are creative, modern but without stridencies and adapt to our skin in a perfect symbiosis.

Daniel Josier has his own brand Daniel Josier, but he has also been the creator of other perfumes in Renier Perfumes, Comporta and Creations Aromatiques. All available in our shop The Perfumery.