J.F. Schwarzlose – Trance


Origin and sensuality, mutation, forbidden potion | Oriental

Trance is hypnotic and intoxicates all the senses: Intense, ambiguous. The duality of Berlin, modernity versus tradition.

Top notes: Turkish rose oil, absolute rose oil.

Heart notes: a gourmet bath of crystallized petals and spices.

Base notes: A drop of absinthe to free the spirit, absolute of cistus and lava resin

Nose: Veronique Nyberg.

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Trance is another revitalized fragrance. It is hypnotic and at the same time an intoxication of all the senses: touching, intense and ambiguous. It reflects Berlin: modernity versus tradition, man or woman… like the transformation of innocence into guilt.

When Houdini seduced women with his magic tricks, fragrance  Trance by J.F. Schwarzlose already existed. Even today, the perfume captivates customers with its magical notes of Turkish rose, absolute rose and a precious touch of oud. A poster of the early 20th century perfume is based on the magician’s magic tricks. Harry Houdini, who fascinated both women and men, was known for his tricks and for scattering animals like an elephant. It was famous in America and England, but its most important market was still Germany.

The Schwarzlose family was also known internationally because its members sold several brands of perfumes all over the world. They dedicated the Schwarzlose poster of the fragrance Trance to Houdini. The ad shows an enchanted woman who cannot escape the seductive scent of Trance. Max Schwarzlose, who brought out the fragrance at the time, called it the “lady’s talisman.

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Eau de Parfum 50ml

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Man and Woman


Veronique Nyberg