Widian – London


A moment of English harmony and sophistication | Leather

London is one of the few global destinations known for its true blend of tradition and absolute modernity. This unique atmosphere can be found in this singular experience with sweet leather aroma, one that could easily be mistaken for a refined and rare blend of tea.

Top notes: oud wood, cypress and violet.

Heart notes: Lily of the valley and raspberry.

Base notes: Leather, dry amber, musk and vanilla.

Nose: Jordi Fernandez

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London by Widian belongs to the sapphire collection that transcends the frontiers of perfumery. Each fragrance is a testament to different cities in the world. It is an invitation to a long-distance voyage into the imaginary- a luxurious experiment with urban scents. The journey is invigorating and mind opening.

London is a one of the few global destinations known for its true blend of traditions and absolute modernity. This unique atmosphere can be found in this singular sweet leather scented experience, one which could easily be mistaken for a refined, rare blend of tea.

The journey forges forward to London, a city of rich cultures and encounters. Time stands still in a refined English salon.

It is the most important time of the day in the purest of English traditions. In a warm, inviting tearoom dressed in mahogany, the light is dim and fine china is set over an immaculate white table cloth.

The clock’s ticking seems to have stopped at half past three. A delicate scent of timelessness floats in the air one could almost sense the touch of oud wood and violets that have been left behind by past guests who would share their tales of exotic travel while taking tea in this very room. A delicate steam, rich of lilies-of-the-valley and raspberries rises from the teapot that sits in the middle of the table. As the complexity of the tea continues to unveil itself as it steeps, an unexpected twist comes from something like leather or an exquisite amber. Finally, the nobility of the blend is proven when the flavours of wild musk, together with sweet vanilla, set the tempo as time slowly begins to tick once again.

Widian - London

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Eau de Parfum 50ml

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Man and Woman


Jordi Fernandez


United Arab Emirates




Widian - Jordi Fernandez

“The best way to know me is to smell my perfumes. They say it all.” Jordi Fernández‘s passion for perfume is born from the desire to use fragrances as a mean of communication.

This ability to speak with odors has allowed him to conquer the Middle East market where he spent many years perfecting his art, making him the expert of Middle Eastern perfumery.

“ By visiting places, meeting people, and getting involved in the local culture, I discover a wealth of perfume ideas. ” The olfactive diversity of this market allowed him to play with a large variety of perfumery ingredients making his style versatile and multifaceted.

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