Zarko – Inception

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Science fiction in the bottle.

Inspired by the complexity and different levels of awareness of the film of the same name, Inception is a true revolutionary with six fragrance phases instead of the three traditional ones that reverse our traditional fragrance habits.

Notes: Ozone, citrus, flowers, spices, greens and wood.

Nose: Zarko Ahlmann


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Inspired by the science fiction film Inception, the composition of this fragrance evolves through six phases instead of the three typical of traditional perfumes.  Inception by Zarko was created in a very similar way to a musical composition. First the lighter tones, then the deeper ones. With the piece as a whole that completely surrounds all the sensory and emotional variety.


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Eau de Parfum 100ml


Man and Woman


Zarko Ahlmann






Zarko - Zarko Ahlmann

Zarko attempted on many occasions to receive serious training in perfume but according to him it was incredibly difficult. Meanwhile, he read all the important books he could get his hands on about perfumery and he gained quite a great deal of knowledge concerning the profession of perfume making. Eventually Zarko found a perfume-mentor who finally gave him the support and guidance he needed to start creating his own line of perfumes. Zarko realized he could create an accord in matters of days which gave him the push he needed and ultimately that first accord ended up being part of his first fragrance. During that same period, an English company helped him gather the rare essentials oils and Molecules to help him start his development –and this relationship is still, to this day, very important to him.

His inspiration is always Nordic where he was born and raised. There, he was surrounded with various seas and shores- some with sand and with rocks, others with endless flowers in fields, and many with mossy trees and white woods. He feeds on this and always find peace in these places. He can actually play with new fragrance compositions in his mind and gathers accords based on the feelings he has related to these favorite, specific places.