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Your aura. More intense than ever.

The creation is made without classic essential oils and contains a large molecule that is linked to several smaller molecules. The magic of this molecule is that its composition and weight correspond to the skin and its environment. The body thus has a direct influence on the components of the fragrance. Their condition, but also the mental state of the person, influences the individual expression of the fragrance in this way.

This pheromone perfume smells different according to each individual user, and will change and transform throughout the day depending on weather, climate and mood.

Notes: Molecule 234-38

Nose: Zarko Ahlmann.

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Molecule 234-38

It uses a perfume that claims to be more of a phenomenon than a fragrance with Molecule 234-38 Eau de Parfum by  Zarko. This revolutionary scent designed by Zarko’s Scandinavian perfumers has been formulated around a single large molecule and as such, the perfume is transformed and interacts with the user.

In making this fragrance, Zarko fused contradictory molecules so that when they were applied to the skin they could be transformed and evolved, not only according to the user, but also over time.

This means that the smell can change at different times and at different levels of intensity throughout the day.

Molecula 234-38 enters into a loving relationship with its carrier, reacts to its physical and mental condition, and in turn influences its carrier itself, so that a mutual relationship is established. After 10 hours, the smallest molecule dissolves and the snapshot of the last state remains. The result of this personal and intimate interaction between the user and the aroma continues to resonate in the skin for a long time.

A phenomenon, a very personal aura that is impregnated with intimacy and union down to the molecular level.

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Eau de Parfum 100ml


Zarko Ahlmann


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